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Video production has changed through the decades in so many ways.  It continues to change today.  If you plan a career in this industry, it is good to prepare to frequently familiarize with many different brands and formats of camera, editing equipment, storage systems, lighting, audio equipment and other necessary tools of the trade.  Currently Sunny Wonder Media is using Avid Editing 5.5 Media Composer and Sony HD cameras that record to SD Cards to tell stories in various communities.  The road to this equipment has been long and windy and is rapidly changing with various formats and upgrades.  To become more mobile and keep up with changes in technology, we are looking toward 4k cameras and Adobe Premiere mobile editing.  Fortunately, once you learn how to produce effectively, creatively and conveying qualities and emotion, as the tools of the trade change, the work you produce only gets better.


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As a member of the Bellevue Breakfast Rotary Club, I was offered an opportunity to travel to Antigua West Indies and document an experience of giving and exchange. This is a compilation of some of my favorite moments during this experience.

Such an active and event-filled few days in a beautiful area with gracious and spirit-filled people I had no idea existed before this experience.

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As St. Patrick’s Day 2013 is just a few days away, here is a segment from the 2012 St. Patrick’s Day Parade in Seattle. There is a little bit from, I think, every group in the parade.

It has been a family event for us since I was very young and my Dad and my son have played the Irish Anthem and the Stars and Stripes at the start of the parade for a number of years together. This segment showcases a little bit of their trumpet work as well as the diverse variety and fun of the parade. Thanks to the Irish Heritage Club and so many other groups for their hard work putting this event together every year.

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I produced a short video for the 2013 Verity Cartwheels for a Cause Contest to benefit Kiwanis Camp Casey.  Voting ends today at 5pm.  There are some very worthwhile causes in the competition.  Here is my entry:

Vote for #9 Cartwheels for a Cause.

My segment features the SLC Lacrosse Team doing cartwheels and a great cartwheel line from the Newport High School Gymnastics team.  I hope it does well and will share any results I find out.

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Participating in youth talent shows is in my opinion one of the bravest things a teenager can do these days.  Putting it all on the line on stage in front of everyone, when most youth that age are working on where they fit in and are accepted.  That takes courage.  Yet, the end result from such an event is just an amazing array of beauty and skill and creativity.  Here is this year’s Newport High School Follies clip:

The winning act has been getting great reviews in the You Tube clip.  They are called Copenhagen Interpretation and they performed an Of Monsters and Men title called  Little Talks.

Great acts and inspirational moments.  It’s why I am an advocate for the arts and contribute so much of my time and talent to making sure they have a place in our world.

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So maybe these segments I produce just inspire me when I talk with these people in interviews and discover more about their lives and then run a camera and capture the beauty of the surroundings, but I like to think the finished product also inspires others.  This following segment comes from the annual Bellevue Strawberry Festival.  I have a booth where we set up a camera and I talk with anyone who will volunteer to share their journey story.  More specifically, how they got to where they are at that point in time.  It has been a wonderful project and this segment provides a look at the variety of birthplaces and backgrounds of the people who volunteer to participate.

Future installments will tell more of their story.

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I recently finished producing a short program with Gabrielle Nomura called Hapa Stories.  I posted the segment on You Tube in April and it has been viewed by over 400, people.  It’s not viral but it seems to have had a positive impact.  The comments we’ve received so far range from :”This is an Awesome Video” to “Great Video”.

It looks like this is a topic that affects people in varying ways.  The term Hapa, as it is used in the segment, represents people from varying backgrounds, typically part white and part asian but ranging from many different backgrounds.  The reason people seem to like this video and the reason people participated was to tell their stories and appreciate the diverse backgrounds they’ve come from.  Many of them say it has been hard to fit into one group or another but they prefer the idea of appreciating the many facets of their diversity.  It was a fun project.  Next up, this weekend we ask more people about their heritage and background for Journey Stories at the Eastside Heritage Center’s Strawberry Festival in Bellevue.

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