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In the Community

For the last several months, Sunny Wonder Media has been involved in filming and editing activities happening in our communities.  I prepare these videos for the people involved in them so that their good works or discussions or business activities can live on a little longer than just those “live moments” in which they occur.  One such event is a week-long service event by teenagers from the St. Madeleine Sophie Youth Group.

Ann LaBeck takes a group of 14-15 on a one week journey to assist the “poorest of the poor” in our state as they struggle to work and feed those closest to them.  The teens on this trip get a chance to leave some of the sheltering and comfort of their personal lives and reach out to others in need.  What they seem to notice most is the laughter and peace they encounter in the children and adults.  It is a transformational experience.

In the same summer but on a different week, Ann takes a group of 16-17 year olds on a one-week journey to assist the “forgotten group” in our state of people that are needed for farm assistance yet receive little to assist their transition to a life in our communities.  This group is in need of language assistance and other essentials such as food and clothing.  These teens become close friends with this “forgotten group” as they play with the children and assist in teaching the basics of the English language to the adults.  Instead of expecting that these people go out and learn English to thrive in our communities, they take an active role in that effort.  They all come away with a cherished opportunity to form friendships in the process.

But words aren’t enough to describe these transformations, it’s much easier for those involved to tell their story:


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