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Through the last few months, production has continued for Sunny Wonder Media.  Currently we are in the middle of finishing segments for a youth service group that worked in a food bank in Eastern Washington this summer and another one that worked in a food bank in Burlington Washington for St. Madeleine Sophie.

We are also finishing a segment that require many different locations this summer for a wonderful interior design firm, Decor and You.

Meanwhile, since summer is the time for families to gather and experience fun times together, Sunny Wonder Media enjoys capturing those events and producing segments that can be enjoyed throughout the year when crazy schedules and difficult weather make it nice to reflect back on those simpler and carefree moments with people they care about.  This is just such an event:

Admittedly, this is an event that my own family attended, yet many other families that attended have been able to relive the fun moments again through this segment.  Sunny Wonder Media would like to expand to produce more of these family moment segments for groups, organizations or families that would like to keep and cherish them.  If you are interested or know someone that may be interested in this kind of treasure, have them contact Sunny Wonder Media.   www.sunnywondermedia.com


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