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Newport High School Drama performed “Little Shop of Horrors’ for the Spring Musical May 28 and 29 2010.  The Performance was doublecast with the principal 4 characters performed by different actors in separate performances.  The rest of the cast remained the same.

This 5 minute segment includes cast members from both performances including the principal characters.  It is a short compilation that switches back and forth between the May 28 7pm performance and the May 29 7pm performances.

There is so much talent and sophisitication in the characters and music and set design and costumes.  It is really a treat to watch.  I am happy to have been able to preserve this performance for all of the hard work that went into the final production.


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My teenage son was finally able to be a counselor at Camp Casey this year and I was able to attend as a volunteer and create an updated 2010 video compilation.

Camp is a meaningful experience for all who attend, whether as a volunteer or a camper.  And it is run to be entirely free to campers.  Watching my son have so much fun with the campers and work himself to sheer exhaustion with the other counselors, brought back moments for me as an 18 year old in the same setting and charmed experience.  Post a comment if you would like to know more about how to get involved.

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This clip explains itself.  There is a special place in the Pacific Northwest run by and for special people each summer that creates a magical experience for all who attend.  It’s called Camp Casey.

That’s just a little bit of inspiration for the day. If you are interested in knowing more.  Let me know.

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