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Recent Travels

My recent travels in Ireland with my 14 and 16 year old sons provided us all with inspiration and a quality to want to know and appreciate more about how other people in our world live each day.  It is a beautiful country.  It has had a long and tumultuous at times history.  Our trip to New Grange and Knowth gave us appreciation for this history and where we’ve all come from.  The guide was so impressive to say that the early inhabitants at Knowth dated back over 5000 years and practiced farming.

I loved his story that so many of our own cultures have lived and thrived with farming and so their history is our history and to move forward successfully we should know more about where we have come from. 

That speaks volumes to me and I plan to work with some of the video from this trip to compile a synopsis of family and friends and places in Ireland that provide a glimpse of my grandmother’s life there.  This will be useful for many in my family as a visualization of where they have come from and opportunity for where they can go.


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