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I am so excited about how well this recent short video from an educational trip to Costa Rica with a group of 15 8th graders from Tillicum Middle School turned out.  It was a fantastic opportunity for them to use their Spanish which they have studied since kindergarten and learn a lot about an entirely different and beautifully simple culture.  I was lucky to have my video camera along on the trip so I could document some of the events.  Here is the first excerpt featuring the first two days.

This is the first year that this group was able to patrol to help save Leatherback Sea Turtle eggs.  It was a physically trying experience, requiring night shifts of 4 hour lengths from 8-midnight or midnight to 4am.  This group was lucky enough to see a turtle and save it’s eggs at about 2am.  It was an amazing life experience for all of them.  Further installments from this trip will be posted here and at www.sunnywondermedia.com .


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What a treat to be able to capture the talent at the Newport at Newcastle Annual Jazz Gala April 23, 2010.  Featuring Jazz Bands 1,2 and 3 from Newport High School and guest musician extraordinnaire, GE Smith, the night was packed with exemplary musical talent.  Here is a short 5 minute highlight version of the night which is also available on the Facebook SunnyWonderMedia page.

I hope the families of the musicians get a chance to see this.  We distributed 90 minute videos to the musicians, participants and families.

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