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Here is a short highlight version of the Operation Iraq segment.


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The following 8 minutes is a highlight of a very active final season soccer game by the Newport FC Spartans U14 boys team.  They ended up getting second in their division and played hard all season.

They won this match against La Tiga Tlaxtli Mexico Fuego 95.  The Spartans goal is very animated and exciting to watch.  I hope the boys on the team get a chance to view this.  It is posted on You Tube which may be more accessible for them, but the You Tube quality is a bit distorted.  This version turned out nicely.

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Operation Iraq

The organizers of Operation Iraq screened and made comments on the draft version of this segment highlighting their event and organization.  The organization is a 100% volunteer and donation based group that ships wonderful care packages to soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan.  This segment captures a bit of what they do.  This is a more final version based on their comments.

My nephew Bruce is in Afghanistan and let me use some of his photographs from his tour in Iraq for this segment.  I pray he is safe every day.  I hope the troops in Afghanistan and Iraq get a lift from receiving these heartfelt packages.  Operation Iraq is a wonderful organization to provide  these treasures.

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Here are a few short versions of the Newport High School Drama Department Production of You Can’t Take It With You.  I thought they did a phenomenal job with props, costumes and staging for the play and the actors were careful and thoughtful in their roles.  There was a lot of positive energy on the stage and I think it comes through in this reproduction.    It was a really great production.  I am posting the 4 minute highlight and an 11 minute longer excerpt version on my vlog today so drama students and their families at Newport can see them.

The DVD’s are available through the Newport Drama Boosters Club online and proceeds benefit the Drama Department.

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It has been such a busy time for media production that vlog updates have taken a back seat.  So much time goes into editing and duplication when I am in the middle of a project.  This project was a 4 hour seminar from 12-4pm on September 25, 2009.  I really enjoyed the seminar content.  Social Media 101 is something we all seem to need for our businesses these days.  I used 2 Sony 3 CCD cameras to capture this footage so I could edit from wide to medium and close-up shots.  It took so long to make these edits through a 3 hour finished production.  Then I created a 4 minute highlight and a 10 minute short excerpt version.  Here is the 10 minute version.

The real challenge was in the duplication but I think my genius computer whiz husband fixed that by setting up duplication on his computer.  So now that should be a lot easier from here forward.  It turned out well.   It is a great feeling of accomplishment when a project like this is finished and I hope the panelists and attendees like it.  If they want to screen it, I posted the 4 minute version on You Tube.

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