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Finally finished the final version of the Crossroads Community Center promotional video project.

It was a nice project because there was so much positive energy and enthusiasm from everyone participating in all of these activities.  It seems as if the community center has done a great job finding interested and motivated people to sign up for their activities.

These are the kinds of things that I know add quality of life to people’s day.  It is nice to be involved in a way that will showcase these choices for others to see.


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Special family events

I finished a short DVD for a family in my local community that highlights the important moments from their parent’s 60th Wedding Anniversary and Renewal of Wedding Vows.

There seemed to be magic in this family and their relationships.  There was so much light hearted humor and joy on this day and family and friends said so many nice things about the couple.  I felt fortunate to have the chance to attend and capture the moments for them.

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