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Many of these posts will be about quality and balance in life.  That is a main focus of my life as well as what I focus on in my businesses.  I focus on producing programs that bring quality of life to individuals and families and communities.  It seems every segment I produce is filled with people having fun and spending time together.

I like to focus on what makes people smile.  It’s usually what makes me smile, too.  I think that is how people can define quality.  What gives them a lift in the day?  What makes them smile inside and outside.  Is it watching their children play at a park?  Is it adding ingredients in the kitchen?  Is it scoring a goal in a game?  If we can all focus on what makes us smile and try to include those things in our days, we will achieve a higher quality of life.


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Video production is a passion more than a business at Sunny Wonder Media.  Yet, because of this passion, all out effort to excel takes place on any business project in production.  The passion of this kind of life and job is in the creation.  It’s in being a part of an event and experiencing it with the same interest and charm as any other attendee.  It’s in capturing the moments that make that event special and transferring that to a form of media that can last a long time for all to revisit when they wish.  It’s in crafting that final media form so that it retains the charm and interest level of the orginial event.    This is a daily interest and goal and worth the frequent exhaustion and challenges that can accompany this kind of work.

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Getting the word out

I am finishing up a great project for a couple’s 60th Wedding Anniversary.  What a special occasion that turned out to be.  The grown children hired me to cover the event and edit it into a keepsake and I am enjoying this project so much.  There was so much happiness and laughter among this family and it was a treasure to share this special time with them.  I hope to post the 3 minute highlight of the event on this blog with permission from the family when I finish it up.

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