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LaCrosse and Sports

This is a video of the 2009 Sammamish Lacrosse Season.  It features athletes in 7th/8th grade from both the Red and Black teams this season.  This is a 5 minute version of the video so some of the plays are short.  There is a 35 minute version that we are going to make available to team members and families on the www.sunnywondermedia.com video production site.  This is a fun look at lacrosse.

I started videotaping sports events that my sons and daughter participate in when they were very young.  I have production background and experience and I like to create a story from video or at least change the long endless amounts of footage into something fun to watch.  I noticed how few parents bring video cameras to games so I hope to make these available to families in an easy way.

It is time consuming to create these but fortunately I enjoy it.  This 5 minute video and it’s 35 minute counterpart were created from 9 60 minute tapes.  I focus on trying to  include the close up to medium shots and the goals and other important moments in the games.  I try not to include too much wide shot full field footage because I think it is too hard to see the plays and players but I may change that philosphy as I continue doing this.  I hope to improve on the music too, someday.


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The Crossroads Community Center offers so much to families and residents of Bellevue.  I produced this recent segment for the City of Bellevue to highlight some of the fun activities and events at the Community Center. 

The kids in all of the activities seemed to be having such a great time.  Kevin Henry of the City of Bellevue coordinated the production of this video and the Crossroad Community Center Advisory Board Members played an active role in describing these great activities.

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